The Interior Independent Theatre would like to thank the Fairbanks community for their support of our recent production of “Evil Dead: The Musical.” IIT would also like to extend a special and most appreciative thank you to UAF and the UAF Theatre and Film Department. With all their help with advertisement and assistance with the production at the Salisbury Theatre, IIT was able to bring our musical to life (or death). The incredible staff and shop workers of the UAF Theatre and Film Department were able to help create the gorgeous and gory show that Fairbanks was able to see. “Evil Dead: The Musical” was a fun and frightening show with campy dialogue and musical numbers to horror filled special effects and none of it would be have been possible without the invaluable assistance of the UAF Theatre and Film Department. From promoting our show around campus and on their social media, building and decorating the scenery with their professional shop workers and permitting the use of their theatre space and allowing the bloody experience to be seen and felt by the audience up close and personal. Interior Independent Theatre can’t thank the UAF Theatre and Film Department enough and hope the Fairbanks community will let them know how much they appreciate their commitment and support of local arts and organizations.