The Georgeson Botanical Garden Society Wine & Peonies fundraiser was held on July 26. It was a great success, enabling us to hire garden workers for the summer of 2020. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Georgeson Botanical Garden Society I would like to sincerely thank our many supporters and donors for attending. Attendees truly appreciated the informative and entertaining tour of the gardens led by Grant Matheke and Katie DiCristina.

Our appreciation goes to wine donors Sue and Hal Osborne of Gold Hill Imported Beer & Fine Wines, K and L Distributors, and our beer donor HooDoo Brewery for their generosity.

Thanks to Jan Hanscom for harvesting the peonies and all the Georgeson Botanical Garden Society Board members for their efforts in planning and making our event so successful: Marsha Munsell, Dida Uotila, Erin Morotti, Becky Hassebroek, Aldona Jonaitis and Patty Kastelic. Thank you to our many volunteers for sharing their time and energy: Chuck Uotila, Curtis Thorgaard, Samantha Reynolds, Daisy Morotti, Deb Manning, Lisa Carrick, Ashley Carrick, Wendy Elsner, Rosa Scouten, Janet Taylor, Nicole Bauer and Natalie. Finally, our sincere gratitude to Mathew Carrick, our talented program coordinator for organizing our efforts and keeping everything moving.