The Fairbanks Animal Shelter Fund would like to thank our community for making our annual Garage and Bake Sale another wonderful success.

Our sincere appreciation is extended to the following people for volunteering their time and enthusiasm to us: Maddison Bethune; Richard Bratten; Tammy Brauer; Travis Dart; Riley Duffield; Tracey Duffield; Christel Emery; Danielle Emery; Jenn Gumb; Klaus Gumb; Shirley Gumb; Tyler Gumb; Theo Hoekstra; Marie Johnson; Chuck Kirschner; Eric Kirschner; Kyle Kirschner; Christina Martin; Dawn Martin; Jamie Martin; Ellen Peters; Betsy Smith; Jane Smith; Candace Tucker; and Madalynn Tucker.

Special Acknowledgments to:

• Interior Mini Storage, 3077 Davis Road, for their support and generous accommodations.

• TVFG Olive Hager, and Caretakers Flora and Mark Roddy, for their amazing assistance in accommodating all of our needs.

Our utmost gratitude is extended to our community, for your endless support and generosity, without which our annual Fairbanks Animal Shelter Fund Garage and Bake Sale would not be the success that it is each year.