In any successful science fair, there are many people to thank. This year, Pearl Creek Elementary entered 73 student projects that represented 150 kids. To pull off an event of this magnitude, eight parents and 17 judges volunteered on behalf of our kids.

Prominent praise is reserved for Laurel Devaney, Taku Raynolds and Ken Russell, along with our oversight judges, Sue Bishop and Sarah Keller who have been serving as judges for 20 years. Wow!

Twelve more scientists who took time off work to engage our students and give thoughtful feedback were Jordan Bishop, Aleya Brinkman, Roger Brunner, Tina Buxbaum, Ann Crane, Aren Gunderson, Mike Hayes, Katie Larson, Johnny Mendez, Kyndall Powers, Ken Tape and Andrew Weller.

We would particularly like to acknowledge Dawn Ell Fitzpatrick who sent home fliers, made posters, helped with set up, sign-in, ribbon placement and clean up! Kelly McDevitt spent two long days with setup and sign-ins; and Marla Statscewich helped for two whole days, as well! Gratitude to Gloria Wheeler, who spent a long day entering data for the third year in a row.

Special thanks to Sue Seitz for purchasing food with more than three grocery store trips and setting up food two different times! Greta Myerchin-Tape stepped in to make sign-in process go smoothly; and the Carr families assisted with take down.

Lastly, we would like to thank all parents and teachers for encouraging our students. Congrats young scientists — you worked hard! Go Puffins!