Thank you, Arctic Lions

Where does one begin? We love our hockey family. One spends years before they find a familylike comfort level with complete strangers, but this hockey family began as friends and ended as family. Our son sustained an injury while at Nationals in South Bend, Indiana. The boys worked hard and made it to the quarter finals.

With five minutes to go, the opposing team checked our son into the boards, resulting in surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital. We could have felt lost, being in another state and far from home, but not with this team. The hockey moms quickly took in my younger son who was also traveling with us and took great care of him. He even witnessed one of the hockey moms attempt to kiss a frog one rainy night — don’t ask. During the healing process back home, the moms dropped off their sons to visit Peter. The coaches stopped by with treats for him and one mom even dropped off his favorite lunch. This special group of moms are now considered family and if that wasn’t enough, one of the moms selflessly took it upon herself to help in a big way — she’s also not afraid of frog love. We love you! We cannot express the gratitude felt for this special group, a special few of whom my sons now proudly call “Mom.” Thank you, Arctic Lions moms and coaches, you rock!