The Fairbanks Hockey Classic 3 on 3 Committee would like to thank the following sponsors and volunteers for their assistance in making the annual 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament a huge success. We appreciate all your assistance for this event.

The Face Off Hockey Club raised $1,500 in a silent auction, and the tournament raised more than $10,000 for the UAF hockey team.

Sponsors and volunteers include: Sani Can, Spine Care Specialist of Alaska, The Oasis, Jolly Roger, the Face Off Hockey Club, Kim Watson, Britton and Mercedes Anderson, John and Shannon Slater, Justin Zeich, Jordan Henry, Adam Powell, Doug and Deb Maynes, Todd Henderson, Matt Atkinson, Bev Beshaler, Roxane Rigo, Becca Russell, Courtney Evans, Dorothy Laiti, Miram Woody, Tony and Michelle Westmoreland, Kim Haman, Andy Panettiere, Gayle Hazen, Mike Steffey, Hallie Woods, Laurinda Wilkes, Amy Larson, Kathy Vandonsel, Anise Masterson, Shawn Lundgren, Kurt Franklin, Jarkko Toivanen, Brad and Bridgett Livingston, Carla Clyde, Artum Ruppurt, Tim Armbruster, Andrew Culley, Sarah Burnett and Barrie Greenfield.

We also would like to thank the University of Alaska hockey staff, for facilitating the tournament and the players for being game referees.

We appreciate everyone’s support and the work they have done to help make this tournament a fun event for the community.

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

See you next year!