The Race Against Racism thanks the following for making the event possible: The Goldstream Baha’i Assembly for sponsoring the event; the NAACP and the Juneteenth Planning Committee for all their cooperation and assistance; the Running Club North for its support and equipment; the J.P. Jones Center for the staging area, start and finish; the Laborers Union, including Jacob Howdeshell and Mindy O’Neall for flagger recruitment and John Corbett for the equipment; RCPC for its signs and vests; Nomadic Stars for coming through on the T-shirts despite its power outage; our flaggers, John (Travis) Bassett, Hadahra Ben-Israel, Roger Christian, Frank Chythlook, James Griffin, Jeremiah Harrington, Chris Illingworth, Lisa Kljaich, Kayla Long, Candace Moore, Mehrdad Sabri, Jodi Shomway and Heather Walker.

Thank you David Bowen, who spent almost all of Saturday helping lay the course; Kjersti Bowen, Sally Caldwell, Claire Baumfalk, Bett Schaffhauser and Jill Pedersen for volunteering at the Race’s Juneteenth Table; Donavan Caldwell and Cathy Walling for Race Day Registration; Nina Chythlook for drawing wonderfully-lettered start line; Nancy Shafer and Kjersti Bowen for finish line work; Juliet Shepherd, Jeff and Serena Rothman for staffing the water table, and Pwae Htoo and Mu Klay for set-up and clean-up.

And thanks to everyone who came out and walked or ran the Race Against Racism!