On March 23, The Midnight Sun Fly Casters held their annual fundraising banquet. The proceeds will be used to fund our 23rd annual Howie Van Ness Memorial Kids’ Fly Fishing Camp. We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses that contributed as sponsors of Kid’s Camp; Joe Faulhaber, S.M.R.T. General Contractors, The Turtle Club, The Usibelli Foundation, Yukon Title Co., Grace Minder Realty, Trout Unlimited, Dr. Lee Payne-Otter Dental, Marv. and Becky Hassebroek, Arctic Home Living, Michael Helmbrecht Dental, Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital and Jim Kelly State Farm Insurance.

The following individuals and businesses made donations that contributed to our fundraising efforts: Randy Compton, Northern Alaska Tour Co., Dave Bates, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Jim and Dawn Brashear, Frank and Lorrie Flux, Fairbanks Paint and Glass, Frontier Outfitters, Rod’s Saw Shop, Spenard Builders Supply, Samson’s Hardware, Travis Farm, Todd Sherman, Elements Spa, Home Depot, Metropolitan Garage, S.M.R.T. Construction, Usibelli Foundation, Florcraft, Ken and Nancy Murray, Big Ray’s, MacCheynes Carpets Plus, Penny Wakefield, David Mollett, The Pumphouse Restaurant, The Tucker Family, Carr’s Safeway, Melanie and Larry Hinzman, Dave Vick, Ruth Garbett, Cold Spot Feeds, GVEA, Alaska Feed, John Morack, Beaver Sports, Prospector Outfitters, Russ Smith, Marv. and Becky Hassebroek, REI, Karen Malone-

Something To Sew About and Patriot Fireworks.

Thanks to our presenters, Ross Novak and Evan Brashear, and to our hardworking Banquet Committee and Kid’s Camp Volunteers.