This is what an old-time Fairbanks store looks like. I was doing a very small tile job, and to finish it I only needed one 4-inch cut on a tile saw (a cove base tile). After trying a couple of the newer stores without luck, I thought of Floorcraft off Phillips Field Road. There, I spoke to a lady in business clothes sitting at a desk and told her about needing to cut one 4-inch tile that I had bought elsewhere. She phoned the guy in the warehouse, who was clearly busy. She listened, then replied, “If I set up the saw, will you cut it?” 

This lady in heels then dragged a large tile saw from the warehouse out into the gravely backyard, ran a heavy extension cord from the saw to an outlet, found a bucket and filled it with water for the saw’s reservoir. The busy warehouseman left what he was doing and came out and made the cut. I offered to pay. They just laughed it off. That is what an old-time Fairbanks store looks like.