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Then: The original caption from Thursday, July 24, 1986 reads: "Work has been going on the Golden Heart Park all summer to get it ready for Friday's dedication ceremony." (News-Miner photo by Mike Belrose)

The park was dedicated and the Unknown First Family sculpture was unveiled on July 25, 1986. The ceremony was attended by 1,200 people, including Fairbanks Mayor Bill Walley, Alaska Governor Bill Sheffield, and Malcolm Alexander, the sculptor of Unknown First Family.

In September 1986, the plumber who installed the fountain and the architect got into a debate about how high the water should flow. For a week, Interior residents voted for their favorite of three choices, dribbles of water, ankle-high water, or waist-high water. Fifty-six of the 81 votes were cast in favor of the natural-looking dribbles seen flowing from the base of the fountain in warmer months.

Now: A passerby walks around the Unknown First Family sculpture in Golden Heart Plaza on Saturday, November 22, 2014. ERIN CORNELIUSSEN/NEWS-MINER