Past and Present: Joanne Sexton

This photograph was published on the front page of the News-Miner on Monday, September 13, 1999 with the caption, "IN CHECK--Monroe Catholic Junior Senior High School secretary Joanne Sexton smiles as first grade and kindergarten students from Immaculate Conception grade school parade through her office Thursday. Students from left are Lindsey Sam, Kian Lynch, Sydney Pace, and Harry Schikora. Sam Harrel/News-Miner" It accompanied a spotlight article on Sexton. Where most schools had separate secretaries for attendance, administration, transcripts and correspondence, Sexton performed all those duties for the 215 students and 25 teachers at Monroe. Have you or someone you know had their photograph taken by a News-Miner photographer 10 or more years ago? If you would be interested in participating in this project contact Erin Corneliussen at