Past and Present: Gold Kings

Roger McKinnon, right to left, Chuck Cartier, and Jim Ozimkoski stand on the bench at the Big Dipper on Thursday, September 8, 2016. ERIN CORNELIUSSEN/NEWS-MINER Text by Randy Zarnke: The original photo was taken during a game between the Gold Kings and the Vermillion (Alberta) Nighthawks, which the Gold Kings won by a score of 12-5. These three players formed a high-scoring forward line. Ozimkoski tallied four goals during the game, with numerous assists by Cartier and McKinnon. Three of Osimkoski's goals were scored in an unbelievable span of only 22 seconds. A fan of the team (Rich Meiners) created a plaque to commemorate the amazing hat trick. Rich and "Oz" recently donated the plaque to the Fairbanks Hockey Hall of Fame. A group of Gold King players, coaches, administrators and fans convened at the Dipper on September 7 to reminisce about the Vermillion game, the hat trick and the great Gold King era. McKinnon, Oz and Cartier took advantage of the opportunity to recreate the original photo. Following his playing career with the Gold Kings, Ozimkoski owned a local Allstate insurance agency for many years before retiring in 2014. McKinnon has owned Sport King (aka "Hockey Central") since 1978. Cartier owned and managed Alaska Rubber and Rigging for nearly three decades. All three wish that they were in their twenties again and could relive their many exploits with Gold Kings. Have you or someone you know had their photograph taken by a News-Miner photographer 10 or more years ago? If you would be interested in participating in this project contact Erin Corneliussen at