Past and Present: Alaskaland Cabin Lore

Marilyn Nigro, formerly Marilyn Siggelkow, hands a recently reprinted copy of the Alaskaland Cabin Lore book to Pioneer Park General Manager Jason Avery at Pioneer Park on Thursday, August 18, 2016. Pioneer Park was originally called Alaskaland. Pioneers of Alaska Igloo No. 4 Foundation recently provided the Kitty Hensley House Museum in Pioneer Park with a grant to reprint the book from the 70s. The book was originally created when the local Alpha Delta Kappa chapter learned that a binder containing all the files about the history and relocation of the 29 historic cabins in Pioneer Park was destroyed by the 1967 flood. It contains as much historical information that could be found at the time. Copies of the book are currently sold at the Kitty Hensley House. Have you or someone you know had their photograph taken by a News-Miner photographer 10 or more years ago? If you would be interested in participating in this project contact Erin Corneliussen at