Nov. 24, 2002 — The Nanooks made history on Saturday night.

With a crowd of about 4,000 fans rocking the Carlson Center, the University of Alaska Fairbanks men’s basketball team registered a stunning 64-61 upset of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers in the semifinals of the BP Top of the World Classic NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament.

The victory propels the Nanooks into tonight’s 7 p.m. championship game, making the Nanooks the first NCA Division II team in the history of college basketball to reach the championship game of an eight-team Division I tournament.


Nov. 24, 1987 — Momentum is gathering to halt construction of a $12.5 million community activities center, and reappropriate the money to fund improvements at Alaskaland, and other facilities.

Critics of the project question whether it’s appropriate to build the facility when there may not be money to keep it open once it’s completed.

But borough officials say there will be money to operate the building, based on their interpretation of the tax cap approved by voters in October.


Nov. 24, 1962 — Fairbanksans will have the opportunity to visit the opening of Claire Fejes’ yearly one man art exhibit Sunday afternoon at the Alaska Art Gallery and see the more than 30 new pieces the artist has added to her collection.


Nov. 24, 1937 — Max Simel, veteran mail carrier of Tolstoi, Kuskokwim and Ophir, died as the result of exposure to the cold Monday night, it is reprted by Mrs. Eric Hard of Ophir in a letter to the News-Miner.

John Repo and Al Greenberg, on their way from Ophir to Tolstoi found Mr. Simel on the trail about a mile from Frying Pan creek. He had tried to start a fire. His sled dogs two of them torn from the traces stood guard.