Sept. 28, 2012

To the editor:

My son was hit by an elderly driver (80 years old) on his way to school at Airport Way and Cowles Street. The driver didn’t exit his vehicle to check on my son nor did he bother to call the police. We did not hear of the incident until he (our son) arrived home after school.

Once we called the Fairbanks Police Department, they told us that a witness had seen the accident and called in the driver’s information and was willing to testify if needed. We want to thank that person because without him or her we would not have known who injured our child, because he only had a vague description of the driver and his vehicle.

We would also like to thank the officer at FPD who was so helpful in our time of distress.

Parents, please be cautious of that intersection. And drivers, please watch for kids. If my son had been a little smaller or if the driver had hit him at a different angle, this could have turned out to be a very damaging day. Again, my family and I thank you.

Joel Titus