Tracy Shoemaker

Tracy Shoemaker, owner of Insight Bookkeeping. Kyrie Long/News-Miner

Sometimes, when a business starts out, it takes a while before owners are able to see the bigger picture — exactly how everything fits together in order to run smoothly.

Tracy Shoemaker, owner and founder of Insight Bookkeeping, makes it her job to be the person who sees the bigger picture. Insight Bookkeeping is more than a bookkeeping company; Shoemaker does business consulting as well and loves seeing what makes a business tick.

“I love running a business,” she said. “It’s not just the books, it’s how the whole thing ties together, and making it run more smoothly and getting everybody to come together as a team.”

Shoemaker is a mother of three, all adults now, and has lived in Alaska since 1982. She has over a decade of experience in the business sector. She was the owner of the Flickering Wick in the Bentley Mall for 10 years and had worked in bookkeeping for another company before she left to start Insight Bookkeeping earlier this year.

“So, I turned my oldest daughter’s bedroom into the office,” she said, laughing.

She set up a desk, complete with computers, and has files upon files for keeping her work organized. She works both remotely, for businesses that are far out of town, and onsite with clients.

While she received her license to start up Insight Bookkeeping in January, Shoemaker said she did not officially start taking clients until March, as a cancer diagnosis in the family resulted in her leaving the city for awhile.

As it would happen, when she returned, her first client would be the Breast Cancer Detection Center.

It felt “like it was meant to happen,” she said.

The process of starting up the business was easy, Shoemaker said, adding that she believes people should “live their life with certainty” and, knowing what she was good at, she just went for it.

She likes to work with people and running Insight Bookkeeping gives her ample opportunity to do that. She also loves running a business and she said it’s not about coming in and being in charge.

“It’s about watching a business grow and the people within that business, the team, grow as well — not as only individuals, but as a team,” she said,” and that’s what my passion is, is to help others, and I don’t see it as a job.”

Shoemaker presently has four steady clients. She works with a certified public accountant who refers people to her, but plans to do some of her own community outreach as well.

Her website,, provides more details on the company’s offerings.

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