When he retired from the U.S. Army, Christopher Jeter started taking care of the yards of a few elders and some of his neighbors.

He got so busy, the former military police officer eventually hired help and formed a company, Lawn Enforcement.

“I kept putting it off,” Jeter said. “I knew this town needed it.”

Lawn Enforcement offers mowing, weed eating, aeration, dog poop removal, fertilizing, hedge trimming and seeding yards.

The company offers spring cleanup and landscaping, including flowers, plants, trees and rock or mulch gardens.

Estimates are free. Commercial and residential services are available in Fairbanks.

Jeter learned about taking care of a yard while growing up. Some of that time was in North Carolina, where he cared for his family’s lawn.

It was gratifying to pull the weeds, trim the grass and give the yard a makeover.

“It never seemed to be a chore to me,” he said.

He finds inspiration in the proverb “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.”

Jeter’s definition of wealth involves much more than material riches. A person prospers from the satisfaction of a job well done, he said.

Jeter described the feeling like this: “Man, I made that look better; I did that.”

He hires young people saving for college or in need of a second chance, he said. He’s not only looking to put them to work. He wants to inspire them.

“I ask them about their short-term and long-term goals. I ask, ‘How can I help you?’”

The husband and father of two grown children has lived in Fairbanks since 2005 when he was transferred to Fort Wainwright.

Jeter completed an 18-month tour overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom, working as an inspector of Iraqi jails to verify compliance with the Geneva Conventions.

He retired from the Army as a sergeant first class in 2009.

“I just wanted to offer the same kind of professionalism that I had as a police officer to the lawn care business,” he said.

Jeter can be reached at 347-4533.

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