FAIRBANKS — The Downtown Association of Fairbanks is hosting World Eskimo Indian Olympics Day at the Downtown Market. The celebration starts at 4 p.m. Monday in Golden Heart Plaza. 

Monday’s market will feature WEIO demonstrations like the Indian Stick Pull, Ear Pull and the Scissor Broad Jump. The afternoon will highlight traditional Native Alaskan dancing by the Pavva Inupiaq Dancers of Fairbanks and the FNA/JOM Potlatch Dancers. Dance performances will run from 5-6 p.m.

This year’s Miss WEIO Cultural Pageant candidates also will speak during the event. Afterward, local guitarist Kit Carson will perform classic rock covers and original music.

“We hope that the community can get a taste of what’s in store this week,” said Mandy Sullivan, WEIO event coordinator. The World Eskimo Indian Olympics is four-day series of traditional Alaska Native athletic competitions and dances which features Native athletes from around the world. The event begins July 16.

“If you won’t be able to make it, at least you’ll be able to experience WEIO on a mini-scale,” Sullivan said about the market.

Several vendors will be on hand for the market, including the popular Zorba on the Run, Alaska Coffee Roasting Co., Arctic Wilds Photography and Alaska’s Angels Farms. Farm stands will also be present, including Calypso Farm & Ecology Center and Badger Bend Farm. Calypso Farm will feature a food preparation workshop during the market.

The Fairbanks Children’s Museum will be in the plaza showcasing the “Imagination Playground,” a newly-acquired pop-up exhibit. The exhibit is part stacking block and part Erector set and will be at the market through September. The market is free and open to the public.