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And our Six Words holiday winners are...

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Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 11:20 am

FAIRBANKS—Happy holidays to all our readers! See, that was my Six Words greeting.

As promised, here are the winning entries in our latest Six Words contest, along with ]many of the fine submissions that we received. Several of you sent in more than one entry, which we encouraged, but we’re publishing only one per person here so we can get more of you on the page.

Our theme for this contest was “My favorite holiday/Christmas memory.” Readers sent in some funny ones, some touching ones, and some only-in-Fairbanks ones. We enjoyed them all.

But, alas, the task of the judges is to find a few that gave us an extra chuckle or moved us in a particular holiday way.

So here are out three winners, in alphabetical order:

Daddy, why are the handlebars backwards?

—Sharon and Mike Cook, Fairbanks

Mom humming while mashing the potatoes.

—Julie Johnson, North Pole

The judges used their discretion in choosing this extra-special one, which is a series of four entries, each capable of standing alone but that when put together tell the story of one family memory:

Mom laughing merrily, her last Christmas.

Dad smiling gaily at Mom, winking.

Happy sibs, with so many kids!

All of us, together for Christmas!

—Sandy Speed, Fairbanks

To our three winners, we’ll be in touch soon about your small prize.

Thank you all for sharing your holiday memories with us, even in six little words.

—Rod Boyce, Managing editor, Twitter: @FDNMeditor

Stockings are filled, Wonder is spreading

—Daniella F. Conkey, fourth grade

Ticasuk Brown Elementary School


Explaining that shooting star was Rudolph.

—Dawn Webb, Bush Alaska


Going down hills with colorful sleds.

—Paige Tvenge, age 9


Having my family and friends together.

—Monica Ketzler, Fairbanks


Frozen turkey swinging from backhoe bucket.

—Tami Thye-Harold, Grand Junction, Colo.

(born and raised in Fairbanksan)


Cocoa and caroling; laughter and love.

—Susan Stevenson, North Pole


Biggest stocking ever! Handmade by Mom.

—Lael M. Oldmixon, Fairbanks


Every Christmas spent with my family

—Corinne Gould, Fairbanks


Pregnant with 1st @ age 35!

—Christina Concepcion, Fairbanks


Army husband coming home from Korea.

—Angela Benjamin, North Pole


Harvesting a Christmas tree with family

—Torre Jackson, Fairbanks


Sleeping under our tree, lights on!

—Diana Sparacino, Ester


From The Winford family, of Fairbanks:

Finding lots of my stocking stuff!

—Andrew, age 8

Yelling, “It is Christmas morning! Christmas!”

—Catherine, age 8

Long vacation — a break from school

—Jack, age 12

Gummy bears in a stuffed stocking


Looking back. Smiling. Time drifts forward.



Family, Friends, Praying, Recovery, Healing, Blessed

—Alice Hoffman, Fairbanks


Received my doll with hair! 1941!

—Ruth Jolly Knapman, Fairbanks


Pear suspended in Grandma's red Jell-O

—Joanne Klumb, Fairbanks


Hanging homemade ornaments: rekindle Christmases Past

—Elaine Carroll Johnston, Fairbanks


Gazing northern lights for Santa's sleigh

—Carolyn Gortmaker, Delta Junction


Midnight Mass, children's pageants, music, family

—Ellen Brown, Fairbanks


The Christmas dress daddy bought me.

—Crystal Thompson, Fairbanks


Christmas Eve accident. New Year's miracle.

—Helen Arnold, North Pole


Excitement, Joy and Hope. Santa's coming!

—Mary Lynch, Fairbanks


From the Church family, of Fairbanks:

Found orange in stocking, it's real!    

—Jennie Church

A-frame house; will Santa slide off?

—Vicky Church

Hope Reindeer sausage doesn't mean naughty.

—Karl Church

Tree sparkling. Me awake, anxiously awaiting.

—Patty Church


Sparkling lighted houses in our village

—Dot Keith, Fairbanks


Grandma's gift of tanned moosehide slippers.

—Princess Lucaj, Fairbanks


My wedding, five days after Christmas!

—Dr. Jeanne Bramer, Fairbanks


Four generations gathered together last Christmas.

—Susan Mcgraw, Fairbanks


Making family laugh performing as Elvis

—Jennifer Webber


I hope they kept the receipt.

—Renee Akin, North Pole


Christmas blizzard surrounded by family warmth!

—Anne Lafferty, Fort Greely


New pound kitten climbs Christmas tree!

—Evangeline Hammond, Fairbanks


Surprised with music and engagement ring!

—Jennifer Davis, Fairbanks


Laughing kids, colorful lights, hot coffee.

—Joe Durrenberger, Fairbanks


Twinkling lights and a crackling fire.

—Grace Nakamoto, Montrose, Colo., originally from Fairbanks


Little sister, little brother, my family.

—Adeline Olivia Vent


Three girls in wrapping-paper remains

—Libbie Martin, Fairbanks


Joyful hearts, twinkling eyes... mincemeat pies.

—Jennifer Lindsoe, North Pole


Candy houses, baking smells, family, love.

—Ellen Cruse, Fairbanks


“O Holy Night” under northern lights”

—David Underwood, Fairbanks


Together in darkness, observing North star

—Tonya Esmailka, Fairbanks


Foggy glasses soon reveal fam(ily)!

—Esther Frykman, Fairbanks


Creamer's Christmas full moon midnight ski

—Sally O’Connell, Fairbanks


Flexible Flyers for all eight kids.

—Kevin Purcell, Fairbanks


Little Drummer Boy makes me weep.

—Carrie Jurgens, North Pole


Why is Santa wearing Grandpa’s boots?

—Shirley Wright, Delta Junction


Minnesota cousin, new ice skates shared.

—Darla Orr


Stringing popcorn chains for Christmas tree.

—Mary Healy, Delta Junction


Unknown hidden secrets in the closet

—Carol Young, Fairbanks


Four a.m., toy kitchen, Barbie dolls!

—Cindy Willford, North Pole


Family, Germany, gluhwein, bratwurst, stollen, lights...

—Rixa Evershed, UAF


Pushing wet snow into large balls!

—Nichelle Jacobson, UAF


Christmas today? Bush-dweller loses track.

—Ellen Wood, Fairbanks


Cold outside, warm inside, family gathers!

—Sandra Coutolenc, Fairbanks


Dazzling auroras during Christmas Eve service.

—Valda McMahan, Fairbanks


Arrived, talked, saw, ate, slept, departed.

—Jerry Fekete, Fairbanks


You and I walk. Beautiful lights.

—Sharon Isaacson, Fairbanks


Cold snowy day, Mom baking bread.

—Sue Christensen, Fairbanks


On Christmas we feed the homeless.

—Makala Lollis, age 10, Fairbanks


For Thanksgiving I ran a fundraiser.

—Mya Lollis, age 12, Fairbanks


I baked Christmas cookies for Santa.

—Ivy Jaden Shurley, age 7, Fairbanks


I ate all Mom’s turkey dinner.

—Autumn Millard, age 5, Fairbanks

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