Rapid testing for COVID-19 begins at the Cantwell Health Clinic on Monday and in Healy after May 4. The tests provide results in as little as 10 minutes.

The Cantwell Health Clinic is operated by the Copper River Native Association. Patients are encouraged to call ahead to schedule an appointment at 907-768-2122.

“Members of the public should call the clinic to discuss their symptoms and the health care provider in Cantwell will make a determination on whether to test, or not,” said Chris Noel, the borough’s emergency planning and projects coordinator.

Possible symptoms may include fever, coughing, shortness of breath, common cold symptoms, abnormal taste/smell sensation, loss or appetite or diarrhea.

The office visit costs $75.

According to Noel, COVID-19 testing will be available in Healy after May 4, when a new physician assistant starts working at the clinic. Information on the new health provider will be announced soon, he said. That spot has been vacant for some time. The Interior Community Health Clinic has provided services through a nurse hotline and telehealth services.