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“This is not typical. It’s actually extraordinary. They actually had to ask the Education Committee for permission to do this,” Coghill said. “This group, called the Senate faculty, probably ask to have it scheduled. They’ve been very vocal and active here in the Anchorage area. For me, I’m just going to take it as credible opinion, but it will be in my view more subservient to the board of regents. Either way, it will serve as good background perspective.”

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Her work in Alaska demonstrated that her hearing hasn’t improved. Whether she was lecturing a legislator about pronouncing her name, comparing the cost per mile on a highway with the marine highway, or using the first person plural when opining about what residents of the state want, she demonstrated a unique talent to alienate Alaskans.

“This year was a challenge,” said James Menaker, executive director of the festival, which enters its 40th year in 2020. “Luckily, registrants did not feel the chaos going on behind the scenes.”